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Conversion points are not optimized

Even if your content can be displayed high . It will be difficult for your company to make a profit. Conversion points are a series of paths leading to the final goal . For example, if you are aiming to get people to ultimately sign up for your company’s service from the article you created, the following conversion points could be considered.Example of conversion points inquiry button Material download form Webinar registration form Email magazine registration form You need to set up conversion points like the ones above and get users to actually take action. To achieve this, it is important not only to install conversion points, but also to select and install appropriate conversion points according to the user’s interests.

Only working on SEO

SEO-only efforts may not yield the desired results. Therefore, the recommended measure is ” SEO x SNS “. In some cases, focusing on SNS can indirectly Phone Number List have a positive impact on SEO. For example, if you introduce your company’s content on SNS, it may be shared by many users and spread. If it spreads through sharing, comments from third parties, and introductions on other sites, the number of traffic and backlinks to your site may increase. Increased attention and credibility will have a positive impact on SEO. Furthermore, if your company’s name recognition improves, the number of searches for your company’s name will increase, which is an SEO benefit.

I don’t have enough patience

In SEO, it often takes about 3 months from the time the content is created until the ranking increases. Therefore, if Braz Data you feel like “I’m writing an article but it’s never ranking high,” and you give up halfway, you won’t see any results. When working on SEO , the key is to have the patience to persist and continually create content . Also, it may take six months to a year or more before you start to feel the effects of SEO on your entire site. It’s a long and difficult road to SEO, but let’s do our best not to give up. I also do my best.


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