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May 2022 Google core update released

Core updates have been carried out about once every six months, and it was said that the next update would be coming soon, so the update came at the expected time. What should an SEO person do? The update will be completed in about two weeks. On the other hand, there is no need to worry about changes in rankings up to that point. Even if you think your ranking has improved once, it is common during update periods that your ranking has decreased the next day. Core updates don’t change what SEOs need to do. See below.

Create content from the user's perspective

Focus on your content As we’ve explained, if your page’s ranking drops after a core update, it doesn’t necessarily mean there’s a problem with your page that needs fixing. Still, if your rankings have dropped after a core update, you may feel like you need to do something. In such cases, we recommend that you focus on providing the best content possible. That’s because Google’s algorithm determines rankings based on the quality of your content. Quote: Blog for webmasters Google evaluates sites that provide the information users are looking Mobile Phone Number List for. If you create content that is useful to users, your rankings on Google will naturally improve. The following is also mentioned on the official blog for webmasters .

EAT perspective and identify

Core updates are an issue that cannot be avoided when dealing with SEO measures. However, once again, core updates do not significantly change what SEOs need to do. Until your rankings settle down, keep your head Braz data up and continue to operate your site with a focus on users. If you have any questions regarding SEO, please contact us here. Owned media launch service that directly leads to results.

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