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What are the main marketing

1. Social Ads In a “Business to Consumer” strategy, it is essential to keep in close contact with your target. In this sense, social networks constitute an essential lever for generating BTOC leads. Your communication strategy on these networks must imperatively adapt to the profile of your community. Under these conditions, you have no other choice than to use paid advertising in order to gain visibility. “Social ads” or “social advertisements” refers to advertising broadcast on social media and billed on a cost per click basis. Consumers are constantly on the lookout for useful information to refine their purchasing journey. These advertisements therefore aim to increase the visibility of your content to a targeted audience . Social ads offers different formats to present your content on Facebook Ads. Instagram Ads or LinkedIn Ads. Depending on interests, location, age, gender, etc. The objective is to amplify the reach of your publications and their audience. To further promote the visibility of your website

Expand your community

enrich interactions with it. 2. The SEA SEO is a marketing strategy that works by implementing techniques to improve the positioning of your website on search engines. SEA (Search Engine Advertising) facilitates your positioning in a visible manner on the most sought-after themes. This strategy is one of the most relevant for acquiring potential sales contacts in the long term. But you must first carry out a keyword TG TO DATA study in order to precisely define the terms that best correspond to your sector of activity, as well as the search intentions. Because the entire SEA strategy starts from a clear definition of the keywords on which you intend

to position yourself. Thanks to SEA, it is possible to develop your different Google Ads campaigns . Already, this strategy places you above the natural referencing results, which will allow you to gain rapid visibility among users. 3. Native ads Consumers today are very reluctant to face traditional forms of advertising. “Native ads” or “native advertising” overcomes this problem by creating advertising ads consistent with the content of your page and very well graphically integrated into the architecture of your website. It is a strategy serving tailor-made communication that works in terms of offers and requests. Sponsored posts on various social media sites and ads that appear in search engine results are specific

Examples of native advertising

These formats offer Internet users the same type of added value as that of search results and social posts published by users. 4. The Conversociads The quality of leads largely depends on the expertise of the solutions put in place to generate them. Conversociads is an excellent lead management strategy, both in terms of tools and lead management. It is a unique solution available on the market offered by the company Hipto, combining the effectiveness of audiences Brazilian data on social networks with innovative conversion techniques. Conversociads allows you to collect relevant data throughout the sales process for sales teams in order to help your sales force convert btoc leads faster. The stated objective is to maximize your commercial performance and ensure the motivation of your teams in the long term. With a view to continuous performance, you will have all the tools you need to carefully analyze all your collection strategies in order to regularly make appropriate optimizations!


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